Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Preorders, and Release Date Info

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks to be not only the best Phablet in 2017, but will likely compete for one of the best smartphones of the year. The Note series has consistently become one of the most anticipated Android smartphones on the market each and every year, and the 7th release looks to be no different.

We’re already hearing a lot of discussion of things to come which will introduce some new innovations that have yet to be seen in the Note series. Consumer will be happy to know Sammy is looking to make the phone much more secure and will integrate perfectly with other Samsung tech and 3rd party tech devices.



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumors

Still with plenty of time to go, we’re already hearing numerous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumors. The many concept changes while enhancing all of the top features seen in previous Note smartphones are already looking amazing. If you’re currently looking for something new and innovative, waiting until the 2017 launch of the Note 7 may be something worth considering.

Sammy has been pretty consistent with launching their new Note flagship around the same time, but as another high-end handset from Apple looking to be released around the same time it brings with it new release date rumors. The most consistent rumors suggest a mid to late-September release, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the Note 7 much earlier.

Other rumors include a new display technology making the visuals truly lifelike and camera specs that will literally immerse user’s right into the moment. A 3D display is coming, and we’ve even heard rumors on the possibility of a fully foldable concept. We’ll continue to update you with the very latest Galaxy Note 7 rumors and of course all the confirmations as soon as we get more.



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specs will be many enhancements when comparing it to the Note 5 and Note 6. The new Phablet will certainly bring more speed, more memory options, larger display, and a premium outer surround that will prove to be a huge difference. When asking consumers what’s one of the most significant aspects of any smartphone, it’s not the visuals, processing power, or the camera, but instead, it’s the durability.

The Galaxy Note 7 is believed to boast an outer casing consisting of an alloy metal composite. While these leaks have yet to be made official, it could mean a nearly in-destructible phone. The display is said to be made of a new Corning Gorilla Glass that will provide optimal protection from drops and other forms of screen damage.

The camera specs are certain to get an upgrade as the rear camera is rumored to feature a 32 megapixels while the front is said to feature a 9 MP snapper. Powered by an octa-core processor clocked at 3.3GHz, 6 GB RAM, and 4200 mAh battery is believed to offer days worth of juice.


Below is all there is to know on what we believe to be the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 specifications:

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs
Battery 4200 mAh
Camera Features Optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera technology, auto laser focus
Camera – Front 9.0 Megapixels
Camera – Rear 32 Megapixels
Colors Black and White
Features Metal uni-body design, fingerprint scanner, foldable, eye sensing technology, wireless charging, rapid charging plus, Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Memory 32, 64, 128 GB internal memory and expandable to more than 256 GB with dual micro SD card slots
Operating System Android 7.0 operating system preinstalled
Price $900 USD, 820 Euro – see below
Processor Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.3 GHz processor
Release Date September 2017  – See Below
Screen Display 6.1” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

Despite the idea there’s still so much time before the official unveiling, we’re already hearing so much on the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 features. Samsung has done a tremendous job with keeping new innovations under-wraps, but they have already publicly stated there’s a foldable concept phone in the near future.

No specific details have been given, but Sammy has already filed for a patent which leads us to expect nothing less, but speculate on which series or if a new Samsung foldable series will be launched all-together. We’re holding out for a foldable Note 7 that will feature bi-level displays that allow for independent viewing and interaction, but no official details are out.

It’s also believed the Note 7 will finally be waterproof, offer premium and faster wireless charging, faster charging capabilities, a fingerprint scanner, and a more responsive eye scanner. The last feature is something that we’ve been hearing is coming, but new details are in to suggest it’s almost a guarantee. With the increasingly popularity of mobile payment options such as Samsung Pay and Android Pay, having the sense of true eye sensing technology will be the best form of security yet.

The Concept

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 concept will enhance all of the top aspects that we’ve seen in all previous models while making the new phone more durable, more secure, faster, and overall, create a much better user experience. Sammy has done a great job of creating a handset that fits well for those looking for a business and/personal use handset, and the multitasking capabilities of the new Note 7 is expected to be even more impressive.

We’re fully expecting Samsung to move to a new metal alloy that will make the new phone much lighter, and much more durable. Rumors on a nearly in-destructible display will help consumers get the out-of-box protection we’ve been looking for. A reported uni-body design will make the battery un-removable, but it’ll be ok with a much larger 4200 mAh battery.

Coupled with wireless charging plus and a rapid charging feature that is believed to provide a full charge from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes. For users on the go, the Galaxy Note 7 will be the perfect smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price

Samsung is looking to keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price very competitive, and will be priced to sell around the same time as the latest iPhone 7s Plus which will be launched around the same time. Despite being bigger, faster, and boast a new set of features that have yet to be seen, we’re even hearing information that Sammy is looking to drop the launch day price to give them the upper hand in a very competitive market. With start-ups out of China launching handsets cheaper and comparable in specs, it will be interesting to see if the release date price rumors hold-up.

You can expect all of the top carriers worldwide to get in on the Note 7 release as it’ll surely be one of the hottest smartphones of 2017. Many are already calling it the best Android smartphone to-date, and based on everything above it’s easy to see why.

Cell carrier prices will be pretty consistent, and here in the US the top 5 including T-Mobile, US Cellular, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will be featuring the launch. The latest launch date prices should be in the area of $900 for those looking to pay the full price, with carrier 2-year contracts expected at $299.

Many carriers are moving away from contract prices with T-Mobile being the first and replacing them with lease pricing. On Verizon Edge, AT&T Next, and other installment options, the price should be around $35-$37/month with no money down.

We’ll update you with the official carrier Galaxy Note 7 price for all of the top carriers worldwide as soon as we get it. For now, be sure to check out below for what we believe will be the launch day prices in a market near you.



Country Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price
Australia 1236 Australian Dollar
Austria 820 Euro
Brazil 3090 Brazilian Real
Canada 1182 Canadian Dollar
China 5589 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 6122 Danish Krone
England 576 British Pound Sterling
Finland 820 Euro
France 820 Euro
Germany 820 Euro
Greece 820 Euro
Hong Kong 6978 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 252,272 Hungarian Forint
India 57,591 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 12,141,50 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 820 Euro
Japan 111,601 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 179,100 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 41,139 Philippine Peso
Poland 3398 Polish Zloty
Russia 56,404 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1238 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 11,426 South African Rand
South Korea 1,051,969 South Korean Won
Spain 820 Euro
Switzerland 870 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 28,498 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 820 Euro
United States $900 USD

 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Preorders

One thing that we know for certain is you’ll want to take advantage of preorders as soon as they become available. New Note handsets have sold out relatively quick in markets worldwide, and for those who don’t typically preorder there have been extensive delays. With the huge consumer expectations expected, getting in on early Samsung Galaxy Note 7 preorders may be the only way of getting ahold of one on launch day.

Preorders are done through your local carrier with an official announcement of when and how much to come soon after the phone itself is made official. If the release date rumors above hold-true, then we can expect carriers to start offering preorders around the 2nd week in September. Some carriers will be looking to bring in a few more customers which may just mean free accessories for those who preorder early.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

The expected Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date is expected to be made official at the annual IFA event which is held in Berlin every September. The annual consumer electronics show debuts many top upcoming tech products and the Note 7 is expected to be launched the same day. If this remains true, we could see a worldwide launch begin in Asia around the third week in September 2017.

It’s almost certain those in South Korea, China, Thailand, and China will see the release before other western countries including the US, UK, Canada, Europe and other markets worldwide. It’ll be interesting to see if the new Note 7 will be launched before the iPhone 7s as both will be competing to launch their newest 2017 smartphone before the other.

The fierce competition with the Note series and the iPhone series has become increasingly popular, and the new 2017 handsets will be bigger, better, and were hoping everything that’s expected. Early release date rumors on the iPhone 7s has it being released to the general public starting in Asia right around the same time with the larger 7s Plus carrying a similar Note 7 price tag.

We’ll continue to update you with all the latest release date rumors and confirmations for the Note 7 and competitors as soon as we get it. For now, check out the complete country listing for the expected release date for the Galaxy Note 7 below.

Release Date by Country Galaxy Note 7 Release Date
Australia 1st Week October 2017
Austria 1st Week October 2017
Brazil 1st Week October 2017
Canada 2nd Week October 2017
China 3rd Week September 2017
Denmark 1st Week October 2017
England 4th Week September 2017
Finland 2nd Week October 2017
France 1st Week October 2017
Germany 1st Week October 2017
Greece 1st Week October 2017
Hong Kong 3rd Week September 2017
Hungary 2nd Week October 2017
India 4th Week September 2017
Indonesia 1st Week October 2017
Italy 1st Week October 2017
Japan 3rd Week September 2017
Nigeria 2nd Week October 2017
Philippines 4th Week September 2017
Poland 1st Week October 2017
Russia 1st Week October 2017
Singapore 1st Week October 2017
South Africa 1st Week October 2017
South Korea 3rd Week September 2017
Spain 1st Week October 2017
Sweden 1st Week October 2017
Switzerland 1st Week October 2017
Taiwan 3rd Week September 2017
The Netherlands 2nd Week October 2017
United States 4th Week September 2017

Wrapping up this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Preview – Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Preorders, and Release Date Info

Samsung is looking to maintain the right of calling themselves the creator of the Phablet, and the Note 7 looks to be surely doing it once again. As consumers look for something bigger in this modern age of technology, the Note series has continually over-delivered in multitasking capabilities. There is no reason to believe the new Galaxy Note 7 will be anything but spectacular, and based on what we’re hearing so far it’s well on its way.

With the September 2017 launch expected to be the best one yet, there’s no wonder why we’re already talking about the upcoming release. With the Note 5 and Note 6 looking to be as good as the latest iPhone Plus and is once again looking to be one of the best smartphones of 2017.

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