Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors Suggest it will Feature Two CPU Models

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might launch this July or August and we’re fully expecting to see not one model, but two boasting distinct CPU’s. The expected output of both processors would be almost the same, but the region specific models would likely feature the names Qualcomm and Sanmsung’s own Exynos brand.

Qualcomm’s Power: The Snapdragon Processor

Samsung and other smartphone companies use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor for their smartphones. The snapdragon is a high-end processor which is really fast and makes multi-tasking easier.

It is expected that one edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might have the latest Snapdragon 823 soc with Adreno 530 GPU and support of RAM up to 6 GB. In fact, the Snapdragon would be coming in most locations while Exynos edition might launch in a specific area only. The Snapdragon is one processor which has high cores compared to Exynos and is way faster too.

Samsung’s Flagship: The Exynos Processor

Samsung is not far behind either. Samsung has its Exynos processor which becomes a really tough competition for Snapdragon too. However, Exynos is not exactly as fast as the Snapdragon. Research showed that Exynos processor has low core speed compared to Snapdragon and is a bit slower. This is one reason why not a big RAM can’t be installed in Exynos. Additionally, Exynos doesn’t have LTE integrated and cannot record UHD 4K resolution videos. However, a test showed that Exynos has given high speed when tested on individual cores compared to Snapdragon.

Latest on the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would be coming in two CPU editions. One will be having Snapdragon 823 while the other might have Exynos 8820. Exynos will be launched on a narrow scale at places like Korea. On Contrary, Snapdragon 823 would be launched elsewhere globally. Both of these editions might have the RAM support of up to 6GB and will have an amazing processor speed of 2.6GHz with octa-core chipsets. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might be one of the fastest working smartphones because it has a really amazing processor as well as support for high RAM.

We can conclude by saying that despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come in two CPU editions, the Snapdragon would leave the Exynos far behind. Additionally, the Snapdragon might be more of a success for the upcoming smartphones too.

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