Top 10 Best studio subwoofer 2018

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect studio subwoofer should not be so confusing?

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these studio subwoofer!

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Best studio subwoofer 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 studio subwoofer

1. Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition Mac/Windows

Powerful mixing and automation

By :- Image Line

  • FL Studio 20 represents today’s most sought-after tools in Audio production today.
  • Are you passionate about your music and audio production? Then FL Studio 20 is waiting for you.
  • All the features you need to create today’s most complex productions including, effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plugin delay compensation and more.
  • The Piano roll is used to send note and automation data to plugin instruments (sequencing).
  • Take full control of your creativity today with powerful and easy to use multi-track audio recording, MIDI piano roll editing, and over 80 plugins effects and virtual instruments today.
  • Multi-track Audio Recording Time-Stretching and Pitch-Shifting Pristine Audio EditingMix and master music to the highest professional standards.
  • Industry-leading Piano Roll Editor MIDI Recording and Control Pattern or Linear WorkflowStudio’s Piano roll has the well-deserved reputation as the best Piano roll in the business.
  • It includes a wide range of tools to aid complex score editing and manipulation.
  • With FL Studio you will be ready to create just about any style.
  • Over 80 Plugins IncludedFL Studio Producer includes over 80 instrument and effect plugins covering automation, sample playback/manipulation, synthesis, compression, delay, equalization filtering, flanging, phasing, chorus, reverb, distortion, bit-crushing and more.

    Features:Powerful mixing and automationThe best Piano Roll in the businessFlexible Browser and workflow featuresSupport for all VST standardsOver 80 instrument and plugin effects includedGet your copy of Imageline FL Studio 20 Producer today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

    2. JBL 305P MkII 5″ 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor (new Model)

    Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs, +4dBu / -10dBV input-sensitivity switch and adjustable volume control

    By :- JBL Professional

  • Building on JBL legacy of high-quality sound performance, the 3 series Mk II represents an upgrade of the impressive LSR3 series.
  • Hear for yourself why JBL is legendary in sound performance and quality!.
  • Upgrades also include new boundary equalization (EQ), which restores neutral LF response when speakers are placed on the work surface and adjacent walls.
  • These compact, professional quality, powered studio monitors retain the LSR3 series’ image control waveguide for incredible detail and imaging, and the broad sweet spot that means you get optimal sound even off-axis.

    The Mk II series now features updated high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency (LF) transducers, which respectively provide optimized damping for superior transient response and greater linearity that allows impressively deep bass with lower harmonic distortion.

    3. IZotope Spire Studio: Portable, Professional Quality Recording Made Simple

    NO SET-UP: Simple recording with a built-in wireless connection to the Spire app – record, edit, mix and share tracks from your phone.

    By :- iZotope

  • Now everyone can record music with professional quality on Spire Studio, the most versatile mobile recording system ever made.
  • A simple LED touchscreen allows you to adjust volume, mute audio, and delete tracks without slowing your musical flow.
  • Edit, mix, and share recorded music instantly via Wi-Fi connection between Spire Studio and the Spire app, a powerful multi-track recorder, which is controlled with simple, intuitive gestures.
  • Automatically set recording levels with a single button to eliminate set-up time and distorted sounds.
  • Spire Studio can even power your own mic with 48V Phantom power with a customizable metronome, and automatically syncs tracks between hardware and software for seamless version control.
  • Over 6 hours of recording time with connection to your favorite cloud storage services to easily save your Spire projects.
  • Our intelligent audio technology helps musicians, music producers, and audio post engineers focus on their craft rather than the tech behind it.
  • Add studio quality creative effects like reverbs and delays, which you can hear back in real time.
  • Portable, wireless and battery operated, Spire Studio fits into a backpack or guitar case, so you have a professional studio with you at all times.
  • You and your bandmates can plug in your musical instrument of choice to XLR/TS combo jacks with pristine clarity.
  • Whether capturing a moment of inspiration or collaborating with bandmates around the globe on your latest tracks, isotope’s Spire delivers a new kind of recording experience.
  • 9”: 6,7 / 6,8iPad (5th gen): 6,11 / 6,12iPad Pro 2 12.
  • 5”: 7,3 / 7,4 At iZotope, we’re obsessed with great sound.
  • We design award-winning software, plug-ins, hardware, and mobile apps powered by highest quality audio processing, machine learning, and strikingly intuitive interfaces.
  • Output Files: WAV, MP4, M4A, SPIRE, ZIP Purchase the Spire Case separately for easily carrying around your Spire Studio.
  • Simplifying the recording and editing process, the wireless, portable 8-track recording audio device features a built-in, professional microphone, two inputs with Grace Design preamps, and award-winning sound processing technology delivering high-quality recordings.

    Spire app for iOS requires iPhone 6 or higher, or iPad and iOS 10 and higher Spire app for Android requires v7 or higher, and Samsung S6 or higher compatible iPads: iPad Air: 4,1 / 4,2 / 4,3iPad Mini 2: 4,4 / 4,5 / 4,6iPad Mini 3: 4,7 / 4,8 / 4,9iPad Mini 4: 5,1 / 5, 2iPad Air 2: 5,3 / 5,4iPad Pro 9.

    4. Rockville Apm10b 10″ 400W Powered/Active Studio Subwoofer Pro Reference Sub

    10″ 400 Watt Active Studio Subwoofer in Black. Built-in Class D Amplifier. Enclosure is made of top quality MDF wood. Comes in 3 enclosure finish options Wood finish painted black. Wood finish painted white. Wood finish with vinyl front board

    By :- Rockville

  • The Rockville APM10 is an Active Studio Subwoofer that delivers unbelievable sounding bass! These subs put out an amazing 400 watts peak power and 200 watts RMS power.
  • If you are an audiophile you will find what we did to be quite amazing.
  • We are one of the leading speaker manufacturers in the USA, and we have a state of the art manufacturing process.
  • Features: 200 Watt RMS Enclosure is made of top quality MDF wood.
  • Frequency Response: 34Hz – 150 KHz 400 Watts peak output 200 Watt RMS output Input voltage: 120V 10″ woofer with rubber surround and paper cone with painted Product Dimensions in Inches: (W*H*D): 13.
  • Keep in mind, the only reason our price point is not 300 % higher is because you are buying manufacturer direct.
  • There is a lot to talk about so I will break it down into sections.
  • Our enclosure is not particleboard it is true high-grade MDF! The enclosure is 0.
  • We spent a lot of time developing the most premium studio subwoofer we’ve built to date! I am very pleased and excited to talk to you guys about what we did to make this subwoofer sound as good as it does.

    34” thickness to give you the ultimate best sound quality! The enclosure is built with the perfect amount of air space to maximize sound quality for a studio The front-firing port is built to the perfect spec to enhance the sound Class “D” Amplifier Circuitry with Auto-Switching Power Supply LED Power on/Stand-by Indicator on Rear Panel Rubber woofer surrounds increases sound quality and eliminates unwanted distortions Computer Optimized Electronic Crossover Network filters out Highs and Mids.

    5. JBL LSR310S 10″ Powered Studio Subwoofer

    JBL Patented Slip Stream Port This patented JBL port design works in concert with the LSR310S low frequency driver for deep, dynamic bass response at all playback levels.

    By :- JBL Professional

  • Beef up your studio playback with the 200-watt, powered JBL LSR310S subwoofer.
  • The JBL LSR310S reaches all the way down to 27Hz, so there’s no doubt it’ll faithfully reproduce the lowest lows, making sure you always have a clear picture of the bass in your tracks.
  • You’re not monitoring without a sub are you? It’s the 21st century for crying out loud! Gone are the days of wimpy, bassless tracks! Modern music needs – nay, demands – bass, and without a sub how are you to know if you have the right amount of low-end “oomph!”? JBL’s LSR310S powered sub is your affordable powered sub solution – not to mention being the perfect companion piece to your LSR300 series monitors (but it’ll work with virtually any system).

    6. Yamaha HS8S Powered Studio Subwoofer 8″ + (3) XLR To XLR Cables

    Yamaha HS8S Powered Studio Subwoofer.

    By :- Yamaha

  • The ideal match for Yamaha’s HS series full-range monitors, the HS8S is your affordable, compact solution for extended-range monitoring in your studio.
  • 6-pound bass monster makes a perfect travel companion.
  • This 8″ bass-reflex powered subwoofer serves up accurate low frequencies down to 22Hz, so you hear everything that’s on your recording.
  • Yamaha has engineered the HS8S with a beefy 150W amplifier purpose-built for low frequencies.
  • And if your projects take you on the road, this 27.
  • Feel the low end – all of it – with the Yamaha HS8S.
  • 7. Monoprice Stage Right 10-Inch Powered Studio Multimedia Subwoofer – (605999)

    Studio ready flat frequency response allows mix engineers to truly hear what is being recorded and gives an uncolored representation of your final product. What you hear is what you get.

    By :- Monoprice

  • It features a built-in 200-watt (RMS) class AB amplifier.
  • It boasts a 30 ~ 150 Hz frequency response with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 90dB (A-weighted) and less than 0.
  • It uses a 10″ fiberglass composite cone and produces 110dB peak sound pressure level at 1m.
  • The foot switch allows you to bypass the subwoofer and its crossover, allowing the original, full-range signal to be sent to the outputs.
  • Performance: Amplifier Type: Class AB Frequency Response: 20 ~ 150 Hz Low Pass Filter Frequency: 50 ~ 150 Hz (Variable) S/N Ratio: >90dB (A-weighted) THD: .
  • Designed for professional use, it features two balanced XLR and two ¼” balanced TRS/ unbalanced TS audio inputs and outputs.
  • It features a 1/4″ TS input for use with a foot switch (not included).
  • This allows you to compare your mixes with and without the subwoofer handling the lower frequencies.
  • Every studio, be it a professional recording studio or just a home studio, needs a good set of monitor speakers, with a flat frequency response so you can hear exactly what the recording will sound like.

    If your mix needs a little more energy in the bass, then you should get a 10-inch Powered Studio Subwoofer from Monoprice! This studio-quality subwoofer designed to be integrated with your studio monitors, for use with recording, mixing, and mastering duties.

    8. KRK 8S2 V2 8″ 100 Watt Powered Studio Subwoofer

    8″ glass aramid composite woofer

    By :- KRK

  • The 8s powered studio subwoofer builds upon KRK’s legacy for sonic accuracy in a compact form factor.
  • The four-position selectable crossover lets you adjust the subwoofer setting easily to your existing monitors.
  • KRK’s 8s subwoofer doesn’t just deliver precise bass and a rich feature set: it’s the next dimension in subwoofer performance.
  • The custom-voiced, glass-aramid woofer delivers tight, defined bass, while the Class-D power amplifier dramatically increases transient response, control and punch.
  • Pairing the 8s subwoofer with KRK or another studio monitor delivers an optimized mixing and listening experience with extended low end, while the exclusive bypass-control feature provides full range audio to the monitors without switching off the subwoofer.

    9. Mackie Studio Subwoofer, 10-inch (MRS10)

    Powerful, deep extended low end for your studio, perfect for electronic music, hip-hop and more

    By :- Mackie

  • Designed to add the perfect amount of dynamic, accurate low-end, the MRS10 10” subwoofer will enhance the listening experience in your studio without artificially adding boomy bass to your mix.
  • With foot-switchable bypass functionality, MRS10 can be muted while returning your monitors to full range at the push of a button.
  • Optimizing features include an adjustable crossover to dial in the right amount of low end for your studio plus a polarity switch to make sure your mix is always in phase.
  • When your mix has some serious low end that needs to be heard, look no further than the MRS10.
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