Top 10 Best jeweler loupe 2018

So you have decided to Buy jeweler loupe and you are looking for the jeweler loupe to use?
Yeah I know!
What if I tell you that choosing the perfect jeweler loupe should not be so confusing?
Even though there are a lot of jeweler loupe out there on the market?
Sounds interesting right?
Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these jeweler loupe!
I have one promise to make!
If you buy the one which we suggest, then you will surely be having the best jeweler loupe!
Sounds Interesting?
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Best 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 jeweler loupe

1. Wesley’s 40X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier LED/UV Illuminated, Includes A Sturdy

ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION and Metal Folding Cover will protect the lens from breakage and scratches, The Optical Lens Provides a Clear Distortion-Free View, Includes a Durable EVA Storage/Travel Case to keep your Magnifier Safe Everywhere you go, Case has a self-healing Zipper so it will last for years. The case has a belt loop and clip attachments so you can keep it with you everywhere you go.

By :- Wesley’s

  • Wesley’s 40X LED/UV 3 led magnifier with Case made of Durable EVA Material – is built to last.
  •  PERFECT MACHINE SHOP TOOL – View Cutting Edges of Drills, End Mills, and Sharp-Edged Devices.
  •  100% Aluminum Alloy Construction with FoldingMetal Cover will protect the lens from scratches and Derby for Longer Life and Durability of the Magnifier.
  •  ELECTRONICS &COMPUTER REPAIR – see bent CPU socket pins on a computers motherboard, pins viewed withabsolute clarity.
  •  40X Magnification can reduce both the depth-of-field and the field of view, resulting in a darker image the LED’s adds light to the area you are viewing so you can see at higher magnification with Clarity; the LED/UV light is also great in low light conditions.

     GEOLOGY STUDY – (Geologist tools) Mineral Study is great for Viewing certain mineral luminescence under UV light, this helps identify the composition of the rock and Minerals, if you are an avid ‘rockhound’ like me it’s an awesome gift.

    Read the Ampere rating engraved on the fuses with ease JEWELRY INSPECTION AND REPAIR – View Engraved Stamps, Metal Settings, Imperfections in Jewelry Handheld Magnifying Loupe with light  with Dual Bright White LED’s and Single UV LED has Replaceable Batteries (3) LR1130 (Included)EVA Travel/Storage Case Includes Battery Key for Battery Replacement, Kit also Includes Lens Cloth and Lanyard to secure from droppingLIFETIME WARRANTY – If our Magnifier is not the Best 40X Loupe Magnifier of its type we will buy it back from you or replace it we wantyou to be happy with our products.

    2. Wesley’s Jewelers Loupe With Light 30X 60X Includes Sturdy EVA Travel Carrying

    NOW Includes a EVA Storage and Travel Case to Keep your Magnifier Safe Everywhere you go, Case has a self healing Zipper so it will last

    By :- Wesley’s

  • Wesley’s 30x 60 x Dual lenses Magnifier is built to last Metal Flip Cover to Protect Lenses from Breakage and Scratches Wesley’s as You Wish offers100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • JEWELRY INSPECTION AND REPAIR: Great for Viewing Engraved Stamps on jewelry, even the tiniest.
  • ELECTRONICS & COMPUTER REPAIR: look for bent CPU socket pins on a computer motherboard, every pin can be viewed with absolute clarity.
  • Buy One Today! 2 bright white LED’s one for Each Lens Great for low lit areas PERFECT FOR MACHINE SHOP USE: View cutting edges of drills, end mills, and other sharp-edged devices.
  • Stamp and Coin Collectors will love this Great Office Supplies to see small detail.
  • Read the Amper rating engraved on the fuses with ease.
  • CRAFTS and SEWING: Great to view SMALL details while building models, THEAD NEEDLES with ease check fabric weave and stitches.
  • GEOLOGY STUDY: the UV light is Great for Viewing certain mineral luminescence under UV light, having that option helps identify the composition of the rock, if are an avid ‘rockhound’ like me, this would be an awesome gift.

        POOR VISION: NO PROBLEM! See the impossible to see with bare eyes or with reading glasses, this Magnifier Loupe can help you see it super clear super sharp, and thanks to the LED light built in, you don’t have to look for a well-lit area or hold a flashlight while using the Magnifying Loupe.

    Specifications: Primary lens: 30x22mm Supplementary lens: 60x12mm: 45x35x20mm  2 LED light:  3x LR1130 batteries (batteries Include) Package Included: 1 * PocketMagnifier 1* Lanyard 1 * User manual 1 * Lens Cleaning Cloth 1 * EVA Storage and Travel Case.

    3. Jewelry Loupe,2 Pack 30X 60X Illuminated Jeweler’s Loupe Jewelry Magnifier

    PREMIUM QUALITY & PORTABLE: Made of aluminum alloy shell cover, ABS environmental plastic and acrylic glass lenses. Easy to Carry, With a Small Case to Protect and store It. It Requires 3 LR1130 Batteries (Batteries Are Included), and the batteries are easy to replace.

    By :- Bransio

  • Dual LED Jewelry Magnifier made of high quality optical glass in a chrome plated surround.
  • *Optical glass lens provides clear view field *Jewelry lupe with 2 bright led light provide sufficient light at any condition.
  • It’s very convenient to inspect tiny objects such as jewelry, stamps, coins and watches.
  • They can be used as a mini torch at night *Folding metal cover protects lens *Coin size is convenient to carry and use anywhere Applications: Industrial purpose (Watch making, Jewelers) Medical science Coins and stamp collectors Geography Circuit board and printing industry Gardening Education House living and offices Specifications: Material: Aluminum alloy cover, ABS frame, optical glass lens Magnification:30X, 60X Two Lens: Primary lens: 30x22mm Supplementary lens: 60x12mm Size: about 45x35x20mm Color: Sliver Net Weight: 35g Illumination: LED light Push Switch to Turn On/Off/On two LED light Power Supply: 3 x LR1130 batteries (batteries Include) Package Included: 2 * Pocket Magnifier&User manual How to replace the battery? Inset the key attached to this product into the two holes of battery cover, turn anticlockwise to loosen battery cover, take out the old batteries and then put the new batteries inside, finally turn the cover board clockwise to tighten it.

    4. Aiernuo Loupes 10x Glass Jeweler Loupe Loop Eye Magnifier Magnifying Magnifier

    Loupes 10x with high quality lens for extra sharpness and clarity.

    By :- Aiernuo

  • Aiernuo Jewelers Loupe 10x Product Basic Features: This Magnifying Glass loupes 10x is the ideal tool for jewelry and watch making industry, specially for inspecting those tiny objects.
  • Material: High-quality metal, optical glass lenses.
  • If you are unsatisfied with our this product, please contact us, we would issue full refund to you without any questions.
  • You are welcome to be helped by our friendly customer service at any time.
  • Great for watch repairing and inspecting jewelries, stamps, coins, notes, etc.
  • Foldable and tiny design, great to have one in your pocket all the time.
  • Packaged 1* Jewelers Loupe 10xAbout Our Product & Service:1.
  • 5. Foredom 2230, SR Motor, Jewelers Kit

    Kit includes Foredom’s 1/6 HP reversible SR Motor

    By :- Foredom

  • Tool Kits contain everything you need to get to work.
  • The 2230 Jewelers Kit has a Total Retail Value of $337.
  • The kit contains these main components: * SR Motor – Foredom’s new 1/6 hp, ball bearing, hang-up style motor with speed up to 18,000 rpm.
  • The All new SR operates in forward and reverse rotation for added versatility.
  • * 30 Handpiece- This is our most popular general purpose handpiece.
  • Accessory changes are easy with this handpiece using the supplied chuck key.
  • Kit also includes: * CK-0 Chuck key in molded plastic handle for changing accessories.
  • * Rotating Bur and Tool Holder for 3/32″ shank accessories.
  • They take the guesswork out of product selection, offer the best value, and feature smart tool combinations for specific applications.
  • This motor offers substantially more power than any of Foredom’s older universal motors – 66% more than Series CC and 33% more than Series S and old SR motors.
  • * FCT Speed Control – this foot operated speed control has solid state electronics and comes in a heavy duty plastic housing with an extra wide design.
  • It features a 3-jaw, geared chuck with a 0-5/32″ capacity.
  • The 30 is a member of the Foredom system of interchangeable handpieces.
  • assortment of professional jewelers accessories has been completely revamped and now includes many of our newest items for metal working like Trizact bands, ScotchBrite EXL wheels, Metal Master wheels and rods, CW wheels and Platinum Blue and White compounds.

    6. GuDoQi Watch Repair Magnifier Head Mount Magnifier With LED Light Double Eye

    HIGH QUALITY: Made of ABS plastic and optical lens, durable to use, works well, wide using for inspection

    By :- GuDoQi

  • 36 inches For: Adventure,Home use Material: Glasses,Plastic Power By: LR1130 Battery LED Quantity: 2 Package Included: 1 x Magnifier 6 x Change Lens 1 x Headband 1 x User Manual.
  • Features: Left and right double eye patches magnifier with LED 4 different magnifications can be interchanged quickly Bracket and headband is interchangeable to each other It can be used in mechanical processing, electronic repair, jewelry appraisal, timepieces repair and miniature engraving etc.

    Easy to use and change lens 38 cm headband with elasticity Resin lens + plastic frame Specifications: Type: Magnifier Color: Black Magnification:10 times, 15 times, 20 times, 25 times Package weight: 0.

    7. Craftsman 6 Pc Jewelers Screwdriver Set 9-41106

    Craftsman jewelers screwdriver set maneuvers in the smallest of spaces

    By :- Craftsman

  • The butyrate handles eliminate slippage to ensure a sturdy grip and easy comfort.
  • Precision screws can cause an assortment of problems, but the Craftsman jewelers screwdriver set is made with intricate features to make working with small screws a breeze.
  • The black oxide finish resists corrosion and eliminates glare, meaning you can work under lighted magnifying glasses without losing focus or fighting eyestrain in just about any working conditions.
  • The set includes three precision Phillips and slotted-head screwdrivers.
  • Whether you need screwdrivers to complete tasks as a professional jeweler or weekend hobbyist, the Craftsman jewelers screwdriver set delivers high-quality functionality and alloy steel, heat-treated blades to ensure long-lasting strength.

    8. 3 In 1 Professional Jeweler’s Saw Set Saw Frame 144 Blades Wooden Pin Clamp Wood

    3 in 1 small professional jeweler’s saw set

    By :- ProlineMax

  • Saw frame with tension nut specs: -Overall length: 8-3/4” long -Wooden handle dimension: 4” x 1/2” -Rail size: 8mm Wide x 2.
  • 86mm Thick -Wire Gap Distance: Shortest = 15mm Length Longest = 130mm Length -Wire clamp size: 15mm x 11mm -4 wing nuts V-slot bench pin & clamp with saw groove specs: -Dimension: 8-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ -V- slot depth :3-1/2″ -Metal & wood body -6mm Thick Clamp -2-5/8″ size clamp opening 144 pc piercing saws specs: -Steel body -Size: 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 1, 2 -Fits 6″ Saw -pvc pouch included.

    9. Lot 6 Pcs New Magnifier 10x 21mm Jeweler Loupe Eye Glass Loop Magnifying ZX0011A

    Lens: 10X,21mm (Diameter)

    By :- Exciting

  • The lens of Eye Loupe Magnifier is made of optical glass for extra sharpness and clarity 3.
  • 10 times magnification power for extra sharpness and clarity.
  • Foldable and portable Loupe Magnifier is convenient for your carrying.
  • Ideal for jewelry, coins, stamps, gems and antiques etc 7.
  • Jewellers Magnifier is great for inspecting gems and diamonds 9.
  • 10x 21mm Jewellers Jewelry Loupe Magnifier Eye Magnifying Glass 2.
  • You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details 8.
  • Include a small loop to attach to a neck chain or key chain Package : 6 x  Jeweler Loupe Magnifier.
  • 10. 10x Magnification Jeweler Loupe Triplet Lens Magnifier With 6 LED UV Light 21mm

    UV Light + 6 LED lights


  • Natural white light helps to look at inclusions, perfect light for viewing diamonds and other gemstones.
  • The UV light is used for checking fluorescence in diamonds.
  • One switch for LED and UV, functions as either LED loupe or UV loupe.
  • Diamonds with fluorescence will appear cloudy when viewed with the UV light on.
  • Fluorescence is not ‘diagnostic’ but, as with most tests, it eliminates some possibilities, opens other possibilities, suggests which other tests to carry out, and that’s how gemologists identify stones.

    Added Features * ideal for inspecting diamonds, gemstones, watches, and many more applications * Achromatic – Corrected for color distortions, for true color viewing * Triplet Lens – Three separate lenses bonded together, vastly superior to doublets and single lens magnification * Emits a cool bright light that produces bright image and good visibility, even in poor light conditions * Powerful precision glass lens brings fine micro-detail into view * Direct illumination eliminates shadows * Made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases Specifications UV Light + 6 x White LED Light Magnification Power: 10x Lens diameter: 21mm, optic glass Foldaway Power: 3 x LR927 button battery Set includes 1 x Foldable Jeweler Loupe 1 x Syntheric Leather case 1 x Key for screw latch 3 x LR927 Button Battery.

    11. 101 Bench Tips For Jewelers

    Used Book in Good Condition

    By :- Brand: MJSA Press

  • Alan Revere–acclaimed designer, author, and educator–now shares his most valuable bench tips and tricks in 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers.
  • Filled with helpful, full-color illustrations, this publication offers tips for all aspects of bench work, from soldering to stone setting, piercing to final polish.
  • 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers is a resource you’ll return to for many years to come.
  • Based on the monthly column in AJM, this book will help any jewelry speed production, improve quality, and raise profits at the bench.
  • Discover how you can modify common bench tools to enhance productivity; how household items such as dental floss and paper clips can become valuable bench aides; and how easy difficult repairs can be with the help of a few tricks.

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