Top 10 Best cruise deals from nyc 2018

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So here is our list of the Top 10 cruise deals from nyc

1. Cruise Tags Luggage Etag Holders Zip Seal & Steel Loops Thick PVC (8 Pack + 4 ID

✅ Set Includes = 8 Pack Cruise Tags & 4 ID Badge Holders w/Black Lanyards

By :- Highwind

  • The Best Cruise Ship Tags that come with a Zip Top Seal Enclosure and Stainless Steel Loop Cord.
  • With the extra strength soft clear PVC plastic and stainless steel loop, you’ll never have to worry if you’ve lost your tag or if it’s damaged.
  • This package is perfect to share with your friends and family.
  • Save money for rest and relaxation! Don’t over-spend on tags! 4) Convenience, Your Highwind Cruise Luggage Tag Features: – Cruise Ship Luggage Tags – 7.
  • Rest easy that these tags work and keep on working.
  • We have the best cruise tag on the market for the most reasonable price.
  • What are your waiting for?Click ‘Add to Order’ Now! .
  • Our cruise ship tag holder is the only one in the market that provides a high quality cruise ship tag holder at an amazing price! Top Reasons To Choose Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags 1) BONUS! All Highwind Cruise Tags come with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!2) Peace of mind, Unique Zip Top Seal Enclosure – Protect your e-tags from rain or falling out – Extra Strong Braided Stainless Steel Loops To Prevent Your Tag Detaching.

    – The Last Tag Holders You’ll Ever Purchase! 5) These cruise luggage tag holders are perfect for PRINCESS, CARNIVAL, COSTA, HOLLAND AMERICA, P&O, and NORWEGIAN! We stand behind our quality so much, we provide a Lifetime Guarantee!Highwind Cruise Luggage tags have been tested through over a hundred different cruises across many families.

    2. Cruise Power Strip With USB Outlets – Non Surge Protection & Ship Approved |

    No Surge Protector & Without Extension Cord to be fully cruise ship compliant

    By :- Cruise On

  • This MUST HAVE Cruise Accessory will triple the available outlets in your Cruise Cabin.
  • Our model was made specifically to adhere to these rules so it’s fully cruise compliant.
  • It’s three-prong plug fits into the top socket so as to keep the lower one free to use.
  • Make sure all of your devices stay charged and ready.
  • The product is made from the #1 Cruise Accessory brand, CRUISE ON, and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • You’ll find most cabins have only two available wall outlets! BUT you have cell phones, iPads, laptops, cameras, and many other devices that need charging.
  • IMPORTANT: Cruise lines require that power strips DO NOT have Surge Protection and many prohibit Extension Cords.
  • It is the only cruise-specific Non Surge Protected Travel Power Strip you’ll find to comply! Your Travel Power Strip takes up very little packing space and easily fits into the palm of your hand.
  • The two USB outlets and three, 3-prong sockets are perfect for all of your electrical items.
  • When you return home from your cruise, the device will continue to serve as a great value to provide extra power to those areas in your house with few outlets.
  • If you’re not happy with your Travel Power Strip for any reason, we’ll be happy to offer a full refund! Happy cruising! .
  • Cell phones Laptops iPads and tablets Kindle or other eReader Vaping devices Gaming devices Hair dryers CPAP machines Don’t get stuck in your cruise cabin waiting around for your devices to charge.

    3. Concealable And Reusable Cruise Flask Kit – Sneak Alcohol Anywhere – 3 X 32 Oz +


    By :-

  • So, go ahead, and pack a CRUISEFLASK Kit loaded with your favorite beverage.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? – Three (3) 32oz (1Ltr) Flasks – Three (3) 16oz (500ml) Flasks – One (1) Funnel INSTRUCTIONS: 1.
  • The CRUISEFLASK Kit is perfect for sneaking your liquor onto any cruise ship, inside your luggage.
  • Now you can have fun without breaking the bank on booze.
  • – Wash flask with soap and water, rinse thoroughly, inflate flask with a puff of air, turn upside down with cap off, and let dry.
  • – Use funnel to fill the Flask to no more than 80% of its capacity.
  • – Hold the Flask with the spout up and squeeze to expel air until liquid is in spout.
  • – It is recommended to remove and discard the O-Rings from the caps, and twist the caps as tight as possible to avoid leakage.
  • SNEAK ALCOHOL ANYWHERE, AND SAY NO TO OVERPRICED DRINKS! GOING ON A CRUISE? Do you want to avoid the outrageous cost of Alcoholic drinks on board? Don’t spend hundreds of dollars anymore on drinks, and sneak your own beverages instead! These Heavy Duty Reusable and Concealable Flasks for Booze & Cocktails will allow you to enjoy your vacation a lot more.

    They are High-Quality, very durable, leak-proof, puncture resistant, and BPA FREE! The nonmetallic material makes them undetectable by scanners and metal detectors, and they are specially designed to pass through screening without being noticed.

    NOT GOING ON A CRUISE? Our Flask Kits are also perfect for taking any non-carbonated beverage to Concerts, Stadiums, Clubs, Bars, Movie Theaters, Tailgating, Glass-Free Beaches, Pool Parties, Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Golf, etc.

    4. Cruise Luggage Tag Holder Zip Seal & Steel – Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise

    ✅ Set Includes = 8 Pack Cruise Tags & 4 ID Badge Holders w/Black Lanyards

    By :- Highwind

  • You do NOT use the tags they send you in the mail.
  • Just print out your luggage tags, and slip them inside the protectors, zip the top then attach them to your bag with the included metal ties.
  • They easily attach just by screwing the threaded barrel connector tight, keeping your tag on your bag.
  • You know your luggage will show up safely to your cabin.
  • That means you print off the etags from your confirmation email that you get from the RCCL or Celebrity cruise line at home.
  • The Narrow cruise ship luggage tag holders are designed to fit the narrow Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise ship Etags.
  • Braided metal ties included! Each cruise tag holder comes with a strong braided stainless steel metal tie.
  • Zip top closure! Each tag has a unique zip top closure that will protect your tags from coming out or getting wet.
  • Includes: – Clear Narrow PVC tag holders – Braided stainless steel ties.
  • 5. GoPong Shampoo & Conditioner Stealth Flasks (Set Of 2 16oz Bottles) With 6

    CRUISES, VACATION, TRAVEL: Includes 2 convincing shampoo and conditioner flasks that hold 16oz each of your favorite drinks

    By :- GoPong

  • GoPong’s Shampoo and Conditioner flasks look like real bottles and each hold 16oz so you can sneak large amounts of alcohol almost anywhere.
  • GYMS – Always great to finish off a workout with a quick drink.
  • We also included 6 security seals, so you can ‘factory seal’ the bottles when packing for a cruise.
  • Also check out our Sunscreen and Lotion Flasks so you can sneak booze onto the deck of your cruise.
  • The bottles use a generic design that can fool even the smartest security.
  • WORK – Maybe your office has a shower and you get thirsty.
  • UTAH – We have heard drinking is frowned upon in Utah, so better to hide your booze in the shower.
  • Bottles are made from FDA approved food safe plastic.
  • GoPong’s Quality Guarantee: If there are ever any issues with your flasks, we will replace your flasks right away so you can enjoy what you paid for.
  • Most customers will use these for sneaking alcohol onto cruises to save tons of money, but they can also be used in a variety of other situations: DORMS – Where better to hide your booze than in your shower kit – no one ever looks there.

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