Top 10 Best chainsaw sharpener 2018

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these chainsaw sharpener!

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Best chainsaw sharpener 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 chainsaw sharpener

1. DEWALT DCCS620P1 20V MAX Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Compact 12 In. Cordless

Low kick back 12″ Oregon Bar and chain: for construction and outdoor cutting applications


  • Auto Oiling System : This chain saw is equipped with an auto oiling system that keeps the saw chain and guide bar constantly lubricated.
  • If the oil level is less than a quarter full, remove the battery from the chain saw and refill with the correct type of oil.
  • NOTE: Use a high quality bar and chain oil for proper chain and bar lubrication.
  • The use of a vegetable based bar and chain oil is recommended when pruning trees.
  • Filling the Oil Reservoir Flip down locking lever and unscrew counterclockwise a quarter turn and then remove the oil cap .
  • Refit the oil cap and tighten clockwise a quarter turn.
  • Periodically switch the chain saw off and check the oil level indicator to ensure the bar and chain are being properly oiled.
  • The oil level indicator 10 shows the level of the oil in the chain saw.
  • As a temporary substitute, a non-detergent SAE30 weight motor oil can be used.
  • Mineral oil is not recommended because it may harm trees.
  • Fill the reservoir with the recommended bar and chain oil until the oil level has reached the top of the oil level indicator .
  • 2. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0 AH Battery Included 20312

    Our GREENWORKS brushless motor provides your GREENWORKS tool with longer run-time, more torque and more power. This leads to less wear and tear, extending the life-time of the tool

    By :- Greenworks

  • The perfect chainsaw for users of all experience, whether it is your first time or a veteran this chainsaw features a heavy duty Oregon bar and chain, .
  • Once you have tried our NEW DigiPro Chainsaw you will not want to go back to mixing gas and oil.
  • 0375 chain pitch, chain brake, metal bucking spikes and an automatic oiler to make this easy to use while providing the high performance needed to get your yard work done quickly and efficiently.
  • Our NEW DigiPro Brushless System will offer gas comparable performance lawn tools for the serious lawn care enthusiast.
  • We are taking our Lithium-Ion technology to the next level and giving you the gas comparable alternative chainsaw solution you have been looking for with up to 30% more torque and up to 70% less vibration than gas powered chainsaws.

    GreenWorks NEW G-MAX 16-inch DigiPro Chainsaw is powered with our innovative brushless technology allowing for longer life, greater efficiency and less noise with more torque–making this the first battery powered chainsaw that can replace your gas.

    3. DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless 16″ Cordless Chainsaw

    Low Kick Back 16″ Oregon Bar and Chain for construction and outdoor cutting applications

    By :- DEWALT

  • The DEWALT DCCS670X1 60v MAX Brushless Chainsaw with 3.
  • It also offers a chain brake for added kick back protection.
  • This chainsaw also features auto-oiling for continuous lubrication, with a quarter-turn oil cap for quick oil re-fills.
  • 0AH battery features a low kick-back 16″ Oregon Bar and Chain for construction and outdoor cutting applications.
  • A tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob allows for proper bar clamping force.
  • Up to 70 cuts per charge (on a 6″ x 6″ pressure treated pine wood).
  • Includes: 1) DCCS670 Brushless Chainsaw, 1) 60V MAX 3AH battery, 1) Charger, 1) Hard bar cover.
  • 4. Integra Tools 5/32″ 3/16″ 7/32″ 18 Piece Mix Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener Burr

    High Quality Sharpener Burrs made for superior durability.

    By :- Interga

  • Integra Tools 18 Piece Mix Pack of High Quality Sharpener Burrs made for superior durability.
  • Integra Tools chainsaw diamond sharpener burrs will outperform most and provide a longer sharpener cutting edge at 1-1/4″.
  • Quantity: 6 Burrs Total length: 2-1/2″ Cutting edge length: 1-1/4″ Shank Diameter: 1/8″ Burr diameter: 3/16″ Grit: 120-150 .
  • Quantity: 6 Burrs Total length: 2-1/2″ Cutting edge length: 1-1/4″ Shank Diameter: 1/8″ Burr diameter: 5/32″ Grit: 120-150 .
  • Quantity: 6 Burrs Total length: 2-1/2″ Cutting edge length: 1-1/4″ Shank Diameter: 1/8″ Burr diameter: 7/32″ Grit: 120-150.
  • 5. Cataumet Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit – Includes 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″ Inch Files,

    XL Chainsaw Sharpening Kit includes premium tools for the professional or home-owner to sharpen chainsaw chains in any working condition to get the job done

    By :- Cataumet

  • Unlike many other kits Cataumet created the XL Field Kit to allow you to carry all the tools you need and more in one sturdy field bag.
  • Our unique file handles and smart design use a connected double handle system allowing for effective one or two-handed control for applying level and even pressure.
  • Our depth gauge and 6 inch flat file is simple to use to maintain proper cutter tooth height.
  • The felling wedge is not designed for splitting wood.
  • With our popular chainsaw blade sharpener files, with integrated double handle file frame guides in sizes 5/32″‘, 7/32″, 3/16″ insure you have right size on hand.
  • The frame guide supports the saw file in use to stabilize and prevent bending or breaking.
  • The chainsaw 13mm & 19mm screwdriver wrench works with most popular chainsaw brands to keep your chain tensioned properly.
  • 5 inch felling wedge is always nice to have when needed and is intended to prevent pinching of the guide bar and chain only.
  • The heavy-duty stump vice helps to set up a secure and steady place to conduct field sharpening to keep your saws cutting consistently.
  • 6. Arnolo 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener | Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Contains: 3Round

    PORTABLE: The Arnolo 10 piece chainsaw chain sharpener set is equipped with all the important chainsaw sharpening tools organized inside a sturdy portable travel case to make sure your chainsaw is always in optimal condition anywhere you go.

    By :- Arnolo

  • Money Back Guarantee – We believe this kit is the ideal chainsaw accessory for all your chainsaw sharpening needs that if you try it and don’t agree we will give you a full refund.
  • That is why our Chainsaw Sharpening Kit is made up 10 pieces.
  • IS YOUR DULL SAW CHAIN CAUSING YOUR CHAINSAW TO BUCKLE OR EVEN BURN? Say Good Bye to Dull And Blunt Saw Chains! Keep your Chainsaw in optimal condition with the Arnolo Universal 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener set.

    We specifically designed our Chainsaw Sharpening Kit with all the vital chainsaw accessories needed to make sure your chainsaw is sharp and ready for your next project! WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE ARNOLO 10 PIECE CHAINSAW FILING KIT? ✅3 Round Files : 3 round files sizes – 5/32″(4.

    325″ , and 3/8″ ✅Flat File : Safely file your chain to the correct height ✅Hardwood Handle : Detachable Harwood Handle to easily switch between round files ✅Depth Gauge Tool : To precisely maintain your gauge tool ✅Screw On File Guide (A.

    KA File Holder) : Securely holds the chainsaw file in place and prevents it from snapping out of place ✅Bar Groove Cleaner : Effectively remove debris from your bar groove ✅Quick Check Gauge : To quickly and accurately check your chain and file sizes ✅Travel Case : The complete set comes in a durable and compact roll-up tool pouch for easy storage and ideal size to carry with you anywhere you need it WHY CHOOSE ARNOLO? Quality – All our tools in this kit are made from durable steel and the file handle is made from Hardwood to make sure it holds up to the toughest of chainsaw chains and maintains your saw chain sharp! Quantity – We don’t believe in compromising Quality or Quantity and neither should you.

    7. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw Kit

    Product is manufactured in China

    By :- Milwaukee Electric Tools

  • Features & benefits: powerstate™ Brushless motor: purposely built for the M18 fuel™ 16″ chainsaw to generate the power and performance of a Gas engine up to 40cc.
  • Superior pack construction provides the industry’s best protection against jobsite conditions.
  • The unit is designed to meet the performance, durability and ergonomic needs of professional landscape maintenance, power utility, and the installed M18 user.
  • Redlink plus™ intelligence ensures maximum performance and protection from overload, overheating and over discharge.
  • 0 battery delivers unmatched run-time in all applications.
  • 0 battery pack: provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler versus standard redlithium™ HD packs.
  • The powerstate™ Brushless motor maintains speed under heavy loads without bogging down to outperform small Gas engines and higher voltage systems.
  • M18 fuel™ technology allows the unit to reach full throttle in under 1 second providing ultimate control and productivity.
  • redlink plus™ intelligence: ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to prevent damage to the tool and battery during heavy applications while still maintaining compatibility across the entire m18™ system.

    16″ Oregon bar and chain variable speed trigger for full control The Milwaukee M18 fuel™ 16″ chainsaw delivers the power to cut hardwoods, cuts faster than Gas, and delivers up to 150 cuts per charge.

    8. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit Chain Saw Blade Grinder – With 2 Grinding

    【TONS OF ADJUSTMENTS】, chain grinding angle adjustable between 0º to 30º while the motor can be adjustable from 0º to 70º, perfectly accommodating different sharpening needs for different chainsaws

    By :- CO-Z

  • Description: Quickly and easily sharpen saw chains with this versatile electric chain saw sharpener.
  • Chain grinding angle can be adjusted between 0º to 30º while the motor can be adjustable from 0º to 70º, perfectly accommodating different sharpening needs for different chainsaws.
  • Specifications: Supply voltage: 110V/50HZ Motor input power: 230W Maximum speed: 3000rpm Protection: IP20 Package Dimension: 12.
  • 5cm Package Includes: 1x Grinder 2x Grinding Wheels – 1/8″ & 3/16″ (5-1/2″ diameter) 1x Manual (with complete assembly andmaintenance instructions) 1x 4mm & 5mm Wrenches.
  • The built-in work light gives you a precise and accurate angle of cut every time; extra-thick chain cutter along with aluminum casing prevents splashing iron filings.
  • Press down the handle after putting chains in the slot, and adjust chain grinding angle & depth.
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