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Best body fat scale 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 body fat scale

1. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight

Smart App Syncs with Fitness Apps – Over Millions happy global users, RENPHO App syncs with APPLE HEALTH, GOOGLE FIT, and FITBIT APP.


  • RENPHO brand is devoted and dedicated to the design, development and sales of digital scale.
  • 2lb/50gUnits: kg/lb(switch units through App)Features: Auto on/offMaterial: 5mm Tempered Glass PlatformDispaly: Backlit LED displayPower: 3*1.
  • If you are pregnant/pacemaker or other internal device holder, you should not over rely on the data provided by this product.
  • For best accuracy, please lay the scale on hard and flat surface, and stand on the central area.
  • Your weight will be displayed for about 15 seconds, then switch off automatically.
  • Please stand on the scale with DRY & BARE feet and make sure your feet are touch 4 electrode areas on the surface of the scale before use when taking body fat and other data.
  • 5V AAA batteries includedIndications: Low Battery & Overload IndicationUsing Tips: 1.
  • To avoid inaccurate weight results, please recalibrate the scale after physically moving or shifting it or when replacing the batteries.
  • To calibrate, apply weight on the scale, then step off and wait for the LED screen to display “”0.
  • Then, step back on the scale to weigh with accurate results.
  • During weighing, the indication will be flashing on the display, wait till the indications stop flashing.
  • And please also noted that you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your Phone and make a connection with the Bluetooth Scale via App (names RENPHO).
  • Please change a new battery when “”LO”” appears on the screen which indicates that the battery is out of power.
  • RENPHO ensures 100% customer satisfaction with all purchases made from us, whenever you have any problem with our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • 2. Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, FITINDEX Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale

    SYNC WITH FITNESS APP – Smart Body Scale with easy operation, download “FITINDEX” APP through Apple Store or Google Play, connect via Bluetooth 4.0, support for Android 4.3 & IOS 7.0 or above smart phones, help to track and manage your health index at any time, can also sync with APPLE Health, GOOGLE Fit and FITBIT APP, keep you and your family healthy

    By :- FITINDEX

  • FITINDEX Smart Scale is your healthy assistant, which can measure 11 body metrics to show on FITINDEX APP and can also sync with Fitness APP.
  • 05kg Display: LED Backlight Product size: 260*260*25 mm (10.
  • Using the weighing scale on a soft surface – like carpet or linoleum – may affect the accuracy of the body scale readings.
  • You should consult a professional doctor when undertaking any diet or exercise program.
  • If you need athlete mode, please choose in your profile.
  • Bluetooth scale supports you and your family to share one scale to manage health metrics and improve health condition.
  • Please input your personal information accurately on APP to ensure measuring results accurate.
  • Place the body fat scale on a hard, flat surface during use.
  • The weighing scale cannot measure body fat percentage if you wear shoes or socks.
  • Body Fat Percentage measurement is intended for users between 10 and 80 years old.
  • Body scale is just for family daily use and should not be used as medical usage.
  • Package Included: * 1 x FITINDEX Bluetooth Scale * 1 x User Manual * 3 x 1.
  • Features: >> Sync with Fitness APP like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit APP >> Sync 11 measuring health metrics >> Support multiple users to share one digital scale to record their own data on APP >> Connect FITINDEX wireless Bluetooth scale via Bluetooth 4.

    0 or above smart phones Measure Range: Body Weight, Body Fat %, BMI, Fat-free Body Weight, Body Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR, Metabolic Age Specifications: Weight unit: lb / kg / st (Switch the unit via FITINDEX App)Maximum weight: 396lb/180kg Division: 0.

    3. Withings / Nokia | Body+ – Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale With

    Full Body Composition analysis – Monitors weight (kg, lb., st lb.), body fat & water %, plus muscle & bone mass. Weight trend screen delivers instant feedback

    By :- Withings

  • A Wi-Fi scale that uses patented Position Control technology to deliver the most accurate body composition readings (weight, body fat and water percentage, plus muscle and bone mass).
  • iOS compatibility (iOS 8 and higher) iPhone 4S and more recent, iPod touch 5th generation and more recent, iPad 3rd generation and more recent.
  • 11 b/g/n, compatible with WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal networks.
  • Nokia Body+ provides immediate on-screen feedback and automatically synchronizes with your smartphone to display trends and help you reach your goals.
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Smart Ready) Weighing range: 5 to 180 kg (9 to 396 pounds).
  • 4. Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Caliper Measurement Tool

    Includes body fat tool, body fat measurement charts, instructions for body fat measurement and body fat tracking chart

    By :- AccuFitness

  • Enjoy the ability to measure body fat easily by yourself, in the privacy of your own home, with the reliability and accuracy that is expected of today’s registered medical devices.
  • Raised markings provide clear, precise measurements.
  • Recommended in Body-for-LIFE and endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Testers have gold standard accuracy to within 1.
  • Clinically proven to be more accurate than lengthy, complicated methods costing thousands of dollars.
  • Patented audible and tactile click ensures correct, consistent, and repeatable measurements.
  • 1% of underwater weighing results! Comes with an original Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Tester, men’s and women’s Body Fat Measurement Charts, Instructions for Body Fat Measurement, Body Fat Tracking Chart, and questions and answers on body fat.

    5. Smart Body Fat Weight Scale – FDA Approved – Digital Bathroom BMI Scale Wireless

    [11 ESSENTIAL MEASUREMENTS] Using BIA technology to accurately measure your physical information, Body Fat,Body Weight, BMI, Water, Muscle Mass,BMR,Metabolic Age,Bone Mass, Protein and other. Lets you track the impact of fitness programs and weight loss programs on you

    By :- MOSPRO

  • Understanding your weight and body composition will give you an opportunity to make better decisions about your lifestyle.
  • If you wear shoes or socks, Body Fat Weight Scale will not measure the body fat percentage.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended for use; those who use a pacemaker, artificial lungs, or other devices inside the body are prohibited.
  • Adolescents under the age of 18 are more metabolically active and the measurement data are not stable.
  • It is recommended to use the BMI scale after exercising or eating for 1 hour.
  • This product is not a standard for physical data and is for reference only.
  • Your body does not always tell you directly what it needs, but MOSPRO Wireless Body Fat Weight Scale can convey information for you.
  • Please enter your personal information accurately on the APP to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.
  • 0 or later version requires reading location information.
  • In order to avoid multi-user data synchronization error, it is recommended to measure at intervals of 30 seconds when switching users.
  • The product needs to be placed in a flat and hard place, avoiding the use of soft materials such as carpets, so as not to affect the accuracy of the body fat reading.
  • Make sure your feet completely cover the four electrode plates during the measurement.
  • Avoid using during illness to reduce measurement errors.
  • Avoid measuring immediately after strenuous exercise and a large diet, otherwise there will be greater errors.
  • You should consult a professional doctor when performing any diet or exercise program.
  • 6. REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale With Free IOS And Android App, Smart Wireless

    13 ESSENTIAL HEALTH MEASUREMENTS: Download APP by scan the QR code in the instruction manual, connect with Bluetooth, syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit, measure 13 essential health indicators: Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Body Water, Skeletal Muscle, BMR, Fat-free Body Weight, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone mass, Protein, Metabolic Age.

    By :- REDOVER

  • REDOVER BLUETOOTH SMART BODY FAT SCALE Track your daily Health, build a perfect life ——————————————————-REDOVER smart scale is a new health assistant.
  • It provides a different way to meet your health goal than traditional scale.
  • You and your family can share data with each other in the App.
  • It can help track your daily health data and build a perfect goal and life.
  • REDOVER smart scale measures 13 essential body composition data, it allows you to sync all of these data to your other fitness Apps.
  • Such data is a great reference point, even when compared to data obtained professionally, and can help you monitor your weight and long-term fitness.
  • FEATURE:>>Measure 13 essential health indicators >>Allow to add whole family members on one device, unlimited users>>Sync with Fitness APPs includes Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit>>compare 13 health data for a specific time period>>Give reminders to measure, setup personal goal and fitness plans>>Support 17 types of languages (English, Española and more) >>Switch units with kg and lb.

    APP INSTRUCTION:>>Download App by scanning the QR code in the instruction manual>>Turn on Bluetooth on your phone>>Register and setup your account>>Step on the scale>>Your weight and other data will show in your App>>Syncs with your favorite fitness apps>>Enjoy your health life with REDOVER smart scaleWARRANTY SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICES:>>Local US brand and team provide you high quality products and 100% satisfaction services>>Accepting 24 hours Email for customer services>>30 days free exchange or return without any reasons Support by REDOVER>>FREE 5-YEARS WARRANTY and Lifetime Technical Support by REDOVERNOTE:All data collected from the device (body fat scale) is obtained through bio-impedance and data regarding body composition.

    7. ITeknic Body Fat Scale, 11 Health Measurements Bluetooth Digital Weight Bathroom

    【Health Monitor of 11 Body Parameters】Thanks to the advanced BIA technology, now our digital scale can quickly catch your body health condition every day by calculating your Weight, Body fat, BMI, Body water, Metabolic age, Skeletal muscle, Protein, BMR, Bone mass, Muscle Mass, Visceral fat, monitor your overall health and provide vital information for altering your diet and fitness regime

    By :- iTeknic

  • Utilized Bio-electrical Technology, iTeknic Body Fat Scale can measure your health indexes precisely, help you maintain a healthy weight and flag potential warning signs.
  • 7kgAuto-off: about 7 seconds Package Included:1 x iTeknic Black Body Fat Scale3 x MITSUBISHI 1.
  • Main Features: 11 Body Composition Analysis for Full Health CheckWeight, Body fat, BMI, Body water, Metabolic age, Skeletal Muscle, Protein, Fat-free Body Weight, Subcutaneous Fat, BMR, Bone mass, Muscle Mass Smart App with Wide CompatibilitySupport Bluetooth 4.

    0 or above smart phonesWork with Feelfit, Apple Health, Google Fit & FitbitFAQs and 17 Kinds of Languages Precise Measure, Convenient Check4 Conductive Aluminium Alloys givs more accurate dataDiagram and Number Display of Health DataiCould Storage to check or download History Record by data kinds and detailed time Share Freely Unlimited Members and Accounts can be addedShare data on Twitter, Facebook, Picture or Email etc Easy to UseAuto-calibrate and Auto On / Off, Different Data NoticeHealth Goal help you to exercise Athlete Mode offers more professional data for special needs Modern and Safe DesignStylish Pattern of S Body6mm Tempered Glass and 4 Anti-slip Pads Specifications:Backlight LED Display: 52x34mmSurface: 300x300x25mmWeight Range: 0.

    8. Rollifit Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale With Fitness APP & Body

    Rollifit is a digital body fat scale that uses bioelectrical impedance technology to provide a smart analysis of weight, BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage, Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, & Visceral Fat.

    By :- Rollibot

  • The Rollifit can accurately record and measure body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, and visceral fat indexes.
  • The scale supports unlimited user through the Rollifit App, and you can monitor health data for your family, friends, clients, & or patients.
  • 100% compatible with Fitbit, Google Fit, & is Bluetooth ready.
  • Made of ITO conductive electrode with ultra-transparent tempered glass that provides a metal-less surface with higher sensitivity.
  • Download the app from the iOS or Android app store 2.
  • (Only weight and BMI will be measured with shoes and socks.
  • If you have a cardiac pacemaker or other transplant medical devices, we advise not to use this scale.
  • The body fat scale provides a series of comprehensive health index’s that go beyond your fluctuating weight watchers metrics generating a clear picture of your health.
  • It provides easy to understand detailed charts that are invaluable when seeking a precise analysis of your progress over time.
  • The scale includes health tracking integration and our iOS, and Android app will sync data, monitor trends, provide health tips, and connect with fitness applications.
  • The scale has 4 precision sensors that ensure quick and accurate body measurements.
  • Connect the Rollifit app via your phones Bluetooth 3.
  • Tech Specs Capacity: 400 LB/180KG Compatible with iOS 8.
  • At Rollibot, we are designing tomorrow’s home tech that will simplify your life! This is why we created the Rollifit professional body composition analyzer that makes it manageable to follow your bodies stats over time.

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