All New Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Hardware Secured, Dustproof, and Waterproof Features

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Samsung has made many improvements in its upcoming Galaxy Note 6 such as making the phone completely dust proof and water proof while giving you added security. Waterproof and dustproof is something that we’ve been hoping to see in the previous versions of the Note, but it now sounds like they’ll finally become a reality.

Problems Evident with Previous Versions of the Galaxy Note

There were several issues faced by many users. Firstly, due to busy schedules and mishandling of smartphones, there were often problems faced. This is because people did not take proper care of smartphones.

Assume there is a glass of water and smartphone side by side. In case, the glass falls, the water used to spill over the smartphone. This small accident lead to major issues in smartphones and many smartphones were “dead” and couldn’t be used anymore.

What Waterproof and Dustproof Sensors Really Mean

Seeing these problems, many users stopped buying expensive smartphones. This worried tech giants and Samsung took an initative to solve all these problems. It introduced the water resistant and dust proof feature first in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Water resistant meant that if you actually spill some water or any liquid on your device’s screen, there wouldn’t be any issues and you can easily wipe it off. The dustproof feature meant that for example you accidently spill some flour on your device. It would not affect the screen and you can simply wipe it off and your phone would be back to its normal condition.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Sporting Some New, Enhanced Features

The water resistant feature is going to be enhanced in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The phone would be almost waterproof and it can run for 30 minutes if water soaked for 1.5 meters maximum. Additionally, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology would be used which means any sort of dirt, pollution, and flour spill would not affect your screen. The metallic body and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 would also provide coverage to the phone in case it drops by your hand.

These two features are going to make Samsung Galaxy Note 6 an eye-catching smartphone and people might not hesitate to buy an expensive smartphone. The best fact is that these features would make Samsung Galaxy Note 6 hardware totally secure.

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